Silver Grey Dorkings - Large 


Silver Grey is the most popular of the five Dorking colours. We have been breeding Silver Greys for several years, and have worked hard to improve the qulaity of the stock we keep. We have, over the last few years, bought stock from the top breeders to breed birds true to the breed standard in type, weight and colour.

A 2 year old Cock bred by Simon James. He is producing strong, broad chicks with short legs and feet.

An 8 month old pullet showing great dpeth and length of body, with well held tail and clear silver body.

A beautiful Cock bird bred by Jane Boorman. He won the Cockeral class in 2019 at the Dorking Club show before arriving with us in 2020. He won Best Silver Grey at the 2020 Dorking Club virtual show. We are very grateful to Jane for allowing us to have him. 


Silver Grey - Bantams


The bantam variety is very rare, and it has taken us a long time to find foundation stock. Eventually, we were able to purchase some hatching eggs and a cockeral from Nicola Bramley. We have kept a quad for breeding in 2021. As the variety has such a small gene pool, we will be using some of our large fowl to improve type and colour. This variety will take some time to improve quality, but these birds are healthy, attarctive birds that lay a good sized egg. 

8 month old cockeral