Dorking - Red Bantams


Red Dorking Bantams are a rare variety of the breed, but have started to see a few more breedes keeping them again over the last few years, but are far less popular than their large relatives. We started with eggs from Pippa Woodall in 2019, and bred our first homebred stock in 2020. The bantam variety is still a work in progress; achieveing type, correct colour in the required size is a challenge, but we never shy away from a challenge! These birds currently ae slightly larger than ideal, but on the plus side they are prolific layers of a good sized egg, and spare cockerals have enough for a meal for two. 



Our original hens hatched in 2019

two 2020 hatched pullets showing some consistemcy of type, with work still to do to gain the correct red colour

In 2020 we hatched from several different breeding groups, but one breeding group stood out for the consistency and quality they produced. We have retained a group of hens and a cockeral from this breeding to take us foward in 2021. 

Right; a 2020 bred cockeral


At the 2020 Dorking Club virtual show, we were delighted to win best bantam with this cockeral. We also bred the second place, and bred and owned 3rd and 4th places in a class of 10.