We focus on Dorkings, and have worked over the last few years to continually improve the quality of our stock. We keep Dorkings im three varieties; Silver Grey in Large Fowl and Bantam, and Red in Bantams






Are one of the friendliest, tastiest, and oldest of all breeds of chicken. Brought to England by the Romans,  they are unique in having 5 toes. Named after the town of Dorking in Surrey, this is an ancient breed, described by a Roman author almost 2000 years ago. It is not clear whether the Romans brought them to England, or found them already here when they arrived. The Dorking was the bird of choice in the London markets for several centuries until eventually replaced by the Sussex. From the 1930s until the 1960s the Dorking breed was only kept going by a few dedicated breeders, until a new generation of poultry breed enthusiasts took them up, and reformed the Dorking Club in 1970. The breed remains rare, and is listed as a priority breed on the 2019/20 Rare Breeds Survival Trust's Watchlist.


Dorkings come in a range of colours- although most are very rare - Silver Grey, Dark, Red, White and Cuckoo. There is a bantam size in each colur but most are very rare. They make great pets, as well as a hard working addition to the farmyard. They lay a reasonable number of eggs (roughly 5 a week) but are noted for their meat qualities. 


We are members of the Dorking Poultry Club. 


We have chicks, growers, laying birds, and hatching eggs available in season. Come the Autmn we should have some breeding birds available. Please contact us for further information





Day Old

1-3 weeks







15-18 weeks POL
£2.50 each £5.00  £7.50  £10.00 £15.00 £20.00  £25.00


Silver Grey




Some of our chicks, and Pullets.


Dorkings lay a  good size egg and consequently their chicks are large when hatched.  Our lines have good strong chicks that grow on well, and are very easy to sex. useful when you don;t want to rear on a large number of males.