Ryeland sheep are a native breed. They are small in size and ideal for small holders. Ryelands come in white and coloured - a variety of shades of brown. We acquired a coloured ram, and 4 ewes in October 2017. Our love for the breed has continued, as we find them very easy sheep that make goodmothers, and rarely require extra feeding. Having started with unregistered stock, we have now joined the Ryeland Flock Book Society, and will be breeding registered lambs from 2020 under the name 'Wandsfell', the same name we have used for our dogs for the last 30 years. To start our registered flock we purchased Rosmac Ziggy, and twin shearling ewes from Rosemary Durrant in 2019. Both are very well-bred being daughters and grandson of the Royal Welsh champion lamb 2013 ' Dolwen Twighlight'. We have also acquired a shearling and ewe lamb from the 'Bramley flock of Nicola Bramley in 2020. 

Rosmac Ziggy at 5 months. And below with our new shearling Rosmac ewe

Rosmac Ziggy as a Shearling

Wandsfell ewe lamb born March 2020 by Ziggy. This lamb joined the Greenleas flock in the North. 


Bramley ewe lamb born 2020 by Stapleford Yogi, a prize winning ram.


Below, some previous years lambs